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Java is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages and platforms. A platform is an environment that helps to develop and run programs written in any programming language.

Java is fast, reliable and secure. From desktop to web applications, scientific supercomputers to gaming consoles, cell phones to the Internet, Java is used in every nook and corner.

Java is easy to learn and its syntax is simple and easy to understand. It is based on C++ (so easier for programmers who know C++). Java has removed many confusing and rarely-used features e.g. explicit pointers, operator overloading etc. Java also takes care of memory management and for that, it provides an automatic garbage collector. This collects the unused objects automatically.

What is Java mainly used for

Here are the reasons why you should learn Java

1. Android App Development

Java is the official Programming Language for Android Development and on an approx, 46.2% of Android Applications are built using it.

As we know that Android Studio, which is the official IDE for developing Android Applications uses it.

So, if you know Java Programming Language, then Android Development will become much easier for you.

2. Web Applications

It is heavily used for developing Web Applications and is well known Server Side Programming Language.

Some of the popular Java frameworks used for developing Web Applications are Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Apache Hadoop, and JSF.

Besides this, popular websites like – LinkedIn, AliExpress, Amazon, and many more are written in Java.

3. Internet of Things

Java is known as the best language for powering IoT devices. There are several reasons behind it.

It is a platform Independent Programming Language. So, you have to write your code once and it will run on different devices, which ultimately reduces the overall work.

It is also the best choice for IoT, due to its versatility and portability, as it is used for Web Development, Android Development, Desktop App Development, and many more.

So, Integrating different Technology with Java will be much easier as compared to other Programming Languages.

This is the reason why it is used in Car Navigation systems, different Medical Devices, and Embedded Devices.

4. Big Data

Besides the fact that there are many other popular Programming Languages like – Python, which is used in Big Data.

Still, Java is the first choice of most Programmers when it comes to Big Data Technology.

The reason behind it is that most of the popular Big Data tools like – Hadoop and Deeplearning4j are using it and its community support is also great when it comes to Big Data Technology.

5. Desktop Applications

Java is also well known for building GUI-Based Desktop Applications.

There is plenty of Java Framework available which makes GUI Application Development very easy.

Some of them are Swing, AWT, JavaFX, Griffon, and many more.

So, if you are looking forward to developing a Desktop Application, then it can be a good choice for you.

6. Game Development

When it comes to Game Development, there are Programming Languages, like – C#, C++, which are also used by Game Engines, like – Unity and Unreal Engine.

However, if you want to learn Graphics and Game Development from Scratch, then Java is a good option for you.

There are some Frameworks and Libraries available for Game Development, like – LibGDX and OpenGL.

7. Java is Everywhere

It is everywhere and dominates the majority of the market.

As we know that over 3 Billion Devices run Java. So, we can say that it is an Omnipresent Programming Language.

From Banking to Stock Market, it is used in every field.

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