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The term PHP is an acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a server-side scripting language designed specifically for web development. PHP can be easily embedded in HTML files and HTML codes can also be written in a PHP file. The thing that differentiates PHP from a client-side language like HTML is, PHP codes are executed on the server whereas HTML codes are directly rendered on the browser.

Why do we learn PHP?

PHP is one of the widely used open-source general-purpose scripting languages for Web Development. Apart from this, let’s see why we should learn it.

  • Easy to Learn: PHP is easier to learn for anyone who has come across any programming language for the first time.
  • Free of Cost: Since PHP is an open-source language, therefore developers are allowed to use its components and all methods for free.
  • Flexible: Since PHP is a dynamically typed language, therefore there are no hard rules on how to build features using it.
  • Supports nearly all databases: PHP supports all the widely used databases, including MySQL, ODBC, SQLite etc.
  • Secured: PHP provides us with a secure platform for developing websites as it has multiple security levels.
  • Huge Community Support: PHP is loved and used by a huge number of developers who love to share their knowledge with other people of the community who want to know about PHP.

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