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Angular JS is an open-source JavaScript framework that is used to build web applications. It can be freely used, changed and shared by anyone.

Angular Js is developed by Google.

It is an excellent framework for building single-phase applications and line of business applications.

Advantage of AngularJS

  • Dependency Injection: Dependency Injection specifies a design pattern in which components are given their dependencies instead of hard coding them within the component


  • Two-way data binding: AngularJS creates a two-way data-binding between the select element and the orderProp model. orderProp is then used as the input for the orderBy filter.

  • Testing: Angular JS is designed in a way that we can test right from the start. So, it is very easy to test any of its components through unit testing and end-to-end testing.

  • Model View Controller: In Angular JS, it is very easy to develop applications in a clean MVC way. You just have to split your application code into MVC components i.e. Model, View and Controller.

  • Directives, filters, modules, routes etc.

Key Points:

  • AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that is mainly used for Frontend Development.
  • It is used for making Single Page Applications(SPA).
  • It is open source and is completely free for everyone.
  • It uses the Model, View, Control(MVC) pattern for developing projects.

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