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Computers are well known for pattern matching, especially patterns in text. Programers can implement pattern matching in text using if-else conditions but this method is slow that's why many experienced programmers prefer using regular expressions to match the text.

Regular Expression is a sequence of characters that forms a search pattern and is mostly used to check if text follows a specific pattern or not. Python provides a re module that offers search, find, split and replace with a regular expression.

Example :  Regular expression for an email address :

Pros of Regular Expression in Python

  • Regular expressions perform faster string computation.
  • Regular expressions can find, replace and format the string.
  • A good understanding of regular expression is good for your career.

Cons of Regular Expression in Python

  • Regular expressions are difficult to understand.
  • You have to learn the metacharacters of the regular expression.
  • Little mistakes in expression can lead to totally different results.

The regular expression in python is one of the most used methods for pattern matching in data science. To learn more about regular expression and metacharacters, please use resources.

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