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In real life, we use a bunch of devices at our home but all the internal processing is hidden from us, this is one of the examples of abstraction in real life.

When we are dealing with lots of data and functions in the program, we often hide non-essential details to see the necessary implementation of the program by using a process called data abstraction.

Advantages of data abstraction in python

  1. It saves time by allowing programmers to not repeat the same code.
  2. It increases security against hackers by hiding confidential data.
  3. it makes easier to work on complex and large projects.

Disadvantages of data abstraction in python

  1. It might confuse programmers with different levels of abstraction.
  2. It might affect of performance of the program if heavily abstracted.
  3. Programmers often are forced to write lengthy codes in order to protect the volatile data from the clients.

Data abstraction is one of the concepts of object-oriented programming, it can be viewed as the blueprint for other classes and can allow programmers to inherit methods in other classes and their sub-classes.

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