Data structure implemented in python


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Python is considered a slow programming language because it uses interpreters to execute the programs. The interpreter executes a program line by line whereas the compiler executes it at once. Nowadays, whole want speed especially technology companies to compete and stay relevant in the market, therefore, they hire excellent programmers to write and run programs faster. To become an excellent programmer you need to be faster and better than others and one of the best ways to become excellent at programming is to learn data structures.

Data Structures are the backbone of every application, every company use them to build core features of their application.

Advantages of data structures

  • Data structures are effective at storing data
  • Data structures are effective at processing large amounts of data.
  • Data structures help programmers to do operations on data easier.
  • Data structure usage can simply encourage reusability in long run as well

Disadvantages of data structures

  • Difficult to understand and implement.
  • Data structures require lots of resources to maintain for big applications.
  • Data structure usage makes code more complex, if something fails then whole programs will stop.

Application of data structures.

  1. Google map uses a map data structure.
  2. The online ticket system uses a stack data structure.
  3. The online search engine uses a hash data structure.

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