Basic Python Programming language


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For mastering any skill, you must know the basics very well. Basic knowledge of the topic is usually used most of the time, perhaps it is true for python too. Python was developed to simplify programming so that more people can learn it and use it to program. Learning the basics of python is very easy even for a person who never coded before.

Benefits of learning basic Python

  • It helps to learn advanced topics.
  • Easy to use, learn and understand.
  • You will be eligible to participate in small competitions.
  • It is enough knowledge to write and run small programs.

Python is best for automation especially when you want to write and run programs in less time. In this case, Python is very useful than other programming languages and basic python is enough for automation.

Applications of basic Python

  1. Scripting
  2. Automation
  3. File handling
  4. Error handling
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