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# Please create a roadmap to guide students, not just to explain the topic. This is a basic template that we recommend. Before publishing the topic, Please delete lines, sentences, or words that start with a hashtag (#).

# Enter the description of the topic.

Pros of learning the #topic

  • Tell the advantages of the topic.
  • Tell the impact of the topic on the world.
  • Tell why students should learn this topic.

Cons of learning the #topic

  • Tell the drawbacks of the topic.
  • Tell why students should not learn this topic.
  • Tell the difficulties that might be faced while learning the topic.

Write your opinion or motivation for students.

Applications of #topic

  1. Application 1
  2. Application 2
  3. Application 3

# Add Sub Topic: To add the topics that needed to be learned within this topic.

# Add Next Topic To add the topics that needed to be learned after this topic.

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