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In today's era, data is an important part of applications. That's why companies put great effort into protecting and managing it. The basic concepts of databases are enough to get started but not enough to build databases for real-world applications.

In real-world applications, users need to get and save data faster. To provide this faster experience, experts use lots of advance methods to handle data in the database. These experts are called database administrators.

To build and handle advance databases that get millions of traffic every day, you need to learn some advance concepts like,

  • Lifecycle of database
  • Database transaction
  • Database Sharding
  • Database Indexing
  • Database Partition
  • Database Replication
  • Relational database design
  • Relation query language

These concepts focus on making databases more effective to store and provide data. I would recommend you learn these concepts later since these concepts are hard to understand and do not provide much value if you are a beginner.

Nowadays, companies usually prefer hiring experienced database administrators therefore there are not so many job opportunities, and most often employees of the company get promoted to database administrators. Since database administrators are important people, they also get paid highly.

To learn all the concepts listed above and more, please follow the roadmap.

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