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Get into Cybersecurity


  • Good Salary
  • Plentiful Career options
  • Growth in career and satisfying work.


  • Different roadmaps.
  • Requires hard work and dedication
  • Work under pressure.

Protect yourself, your loved one's and the company you will be working for with this knowledge. Many opportunities and jobs waiting for you. Become Mr. Robot in real life.

The basics of cybersecurity is always learning computer networking.

Every IT job requirement is for you to have knowledge of Networks, Linux and Cloud. You need these skills in your arsenal for a successful career in IT & Security.

I suggest buying the books for studying CompTIA Network+ first and then Security+, but actually study and take the exam for Security+ and get certified. You can skip the A+ cause eventually the overlap of basics will occur reading those books in order or watching the Mike Meyers and Professor Messer videos for the basics of all these topics.

Alternatively enroll yourself in Google IT Support Professional Certification from Coursera if you are NEW to IT, this is a very basic course and will definitely help you in the long run, Use Financial Aid to enroll for FREE Check here

Know what Ports are and what Ports do. Look up the OSI model too and where the ports would work in the OSI model. As well as knowing what IP address ranges and CIDRs are and how to subnet.

Cisco Networking Academy

Networking essentials

Linux Essentials

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity essentials

Take up a FREE Cybersecurity Course from

Now you should study the introduction of cybersecurity and other labs, tools from platforms like Hackthebox tryhackme , hackerone . Some of these labs are actually free and totally worth it.

Then look up the OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities videos on youtube. You can also find these in the above mentioned platform.

There are a couple of video playlists on them, but almost all interviewers are asked about the Top 10 Vulnerabilities. My favorite playlist is by the IBM Security youtube channel.

Follow John Hammond, David Bombal , NetworkChuck on Youtube to keep yourself updated.

Definitely research how to read logs on Wireshark, how to use Firewalls and the 5 types, and what SIEM are and do like BURP suite (free in kali linux, look into book The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing, 2nd Ed - by Patrick Engebretson ).

As for wanting to know what questions interviewers would be asking for an entry level Security Analyst job (best for 0 experience in Cybersec but some knowledge of the Security+ and Network+)

Book recommendation:

"IT Security Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Information Security Job " -

by Chris Butler, Russ Rogers Mason Ferratt, Greg Miles, Ed Fuller, Chris Hurley, Rob Cameron, Brian Kirouac

That is my favorite book. A little out of date but will definitely brush you up on what you SHOULD learn/know as basics for Cybersecurity

Get this book from here

When you are done with this enroll yourself for FREE Cybersecurity internship in SISTMR Australia from here

or enroll yourself in an Advanced unpaid Cybersecurity internship from Virtually Testing Foundation.

You can also enroll in their beginner Cybersecurity internship to learn everything from SCRATCH . Sadly, it's not currently available but positions will open shortly.

Study hard every good thing takes time. Have patience and be consistent.

Good luck with your career :)

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