Practice Writing English by letter witting


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A letter is one of the ways to communicate with people in one way, senders try to convey information in an effective way according to well-known formats and methods, so that receiver can read the letter easily. Letters are one of the best methods to communicate by writing, you basically simulate conversation with a person.

Letter writing is very well known for communicating with long-distance people, it was heavily used by people a decade ago, Alas! now people don't use it often due to the rise of Email but the format of letters and methods of writing letters haven't changed, the only way of sending a letter changed. In the modern internet age, millions of Emails are sent every hour and almost all important business conversations happen through Email which makes letter writing very important.

Benefits of writing a letter

  • It improves your focus and attention,
  • It helps you to summarise the conversation.
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