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Podcasts are trending, everyone wants to do it or listen to it. If you don't know what is a podcast then you are either sleeping or too old. A podcast is an audio broadcast like radio where a bunch of people sit together and talk about recent activities. It is one of the best and fastest ways to learn modern English which includes slang and pronunciation of words. Traditionally, people learn to pronounce with help of their teachers or google translator which takes time whereas listening to podcasts will help you learn new words and pronounce them.

Benefits of listening to a podcast

  • Learning would be faster and enjoyable
  • You will be learning knowledge and make you smarter
  • You would be aware of news and current activities around the globe.

The downfall of listening to a podcast

  • Most podcasts are bias which means that they focus on one side of the story.
  • Most information shared on the podcast is unverified, hence not reliable.
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