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A backend is one of the most important parts of any application, it is responsible for storing and managing data. The backend communicates frontend to send and receive information.

For example, when you open social media apps on your phone then it communicates with the backend to get posts and when you create a post or like a post then it communicates with the backend to save the details.

Android applications need a backend but backend development is a separate field, It has its own programming languages, databases, and frameworks that you need to learn in order to build a backend and you also need to host your backend on a server so that your android application can communicate with it.

Since android app development is done using Java or Kotlin, many companies prefer frameworks that use the same programming language. Most used frameworks are,

  • Spring boot
  • NodeJS & ExpressJS
  • Firebase (Serverless backend)

If you are building a small project which doesnot have complex features and is not expected to grow much in size in future then I would recommend using Firebase or any similar backend as an option. Otherwise, you can go with any of the above two.

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