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I hope you have ever seen images and graphics on mobile apps because these are displayed on the screen by using something called drawable resources. Basically, Drawable are used to draw any kind of graphic on the screen, since there are many types of graphics, android provides many types of drawable resources, like:

  • Bitmap Drawable
  • Layer Drawable
  • State List Drawable
  • Level List Drawable
  • Transition Drawable
  • Insert Drawable
  • Clip Drawable
  • Scale Drawable
  • Shape Drawable
  • Nine Patch Drawable

Android official documentation - Drawable resources | Android Developers

Some drawable resources also come with a capability that allows them to render once and then store in cache memory which helps them render again on the screen faster. Each drawable comes with some advantages and disadvantages, to learn more about drawable, you should use the resources provided by Neuton.

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