Architectures in android


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When you started developing an app, soon you will notice that lots of basic code are written in a bad way which is affecting the performance of your app, and the whole codebase is very confusing. Since you have not followed any practice, it also becomes very difficult for others to work on your code.

To avoid bsic mistakes and write clean code, we use an architecture that helps us to follow best practices. There are many types of architecture, and each of them comes with advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are famous architecture in android are,

  1. MVC (Model View Controller) architecture
  2. MVP (Model View Presenter) architecture
  3. MVVM (Model View View Model) architecture

In general, these architectures are most used in big companies because they all are easy to understand and allow developers to easily collaborate and build large android apps.

If you want to build a large application then learn about these architectures and select one of them which suits you best. To learn about these architectures use resources provided by Neuton.

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