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The Internet is full of information, when you open a webpage, you often see a small amount of data on the screen. You might have noticed that webpages that have less data load faster, this happens because devices don't have to render all data on the screen at once.

If you ever used Instagram, then might have noticed that list of posts takes time to appear on the screen, whereas a single post appears faster. Displaying lists has been always a big performance issue for android applications. To this day, there are thousands of android applications that are not optimized to handle large lists. Unless they use a type of list view called Recycle View.

Recycle view in the android applications is used to display lists that have similar views but different data on each view. A recycle view allows devices to render data from the list which is going to be visible on the screen. In this way, a large list can be displayed without affecting the performance of the application.

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