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Today, many popular mobile apps are designed to reduce users' effort. when you open any mobile app, you will notice a header at the top, a footer at the bottom, a horizontal scroll, and a vertical scroll, these elements are placed at these locations to help users find information and take action easily.

In Android applications, Layouts are commonly used to arrange elements on a page, these elements can hold views such as text, images, video, buttons, or styles. It is also one of the most used components during android app development.

Pros of learning layout in android

  • It improves the app experience for users.
  • It makes your app look more professional.
  • It provides structure to the android application.
  • You can develop a highly complex user interface

Cons of learning layout in android

  • It is difficult to choose which layout to use.

The layouts in android are one of the basic building of android applications, therefore I would strongly recommend you to learn every type of layout completely before going forward.

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