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Android applications can be developed using many programming languages but most developers nowadays prefer using either Java or Kotlin programming language. Since Kotlin is easier to learn and also recommended for android app development by Google, therefore you should learn Kotlin and take benefit of new features.

In 2011, A software company called JetBrains started developing Kotlin with the hope of increasing sales of their software. It took them 5 years to launch the first version of Kotlin, after one year of launch, Google announced its support for Kotlin. Since then Kotlin has become one of the trending programming languages for Android app development.

Kotin is an open-source programming language that combined object-oriented programming and functional programming. It is very similar to Java because it runs on Java virtual machine (JVM).

Props for learning Kotlin for android app development:

  • It is easy to learn as compared to Java.
  • Its syntax is simple which reduces development time.
  • The codebase is cleaner and allows fewer errors in production.
  • There are lots of tools provided by JetBrains to help you code faster.

Cons of learning Kotlin for android app development:

  • It has fewer resources for learning.
  • It has a slower compiling speed than Java.
  • The community is small so it harder to resolve errors.

Nowadays, Koltin is not popular as Python or JavaScipt but it is growing faster and is preferred by many developers for building android applications therefore you should also learn it.

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