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Launching an android is one of the satisfying activities of app developers. They get to see their work in the real world. Though, It is a simple process, still you have to prepare a few things before launching the android app on the play store.

There are many app stores for launching the android app. Since google play store is the largest app store that can help your app to reach millions, it is most preferred for launching the android app.

These are a list of mandatory things you need,

  1. Google Play Developer Account (costs $25).
  2. Release APK file for your Android app.
  3. Title for your app (max 30 characters).
  4. Short description (max 80 characters).
  5. Long description (max 3000 characters).
  6. Screenshots for your app (at least 3).
  7. Feature graphic (1024 w x 500 h).
  8. App icon (512 x 512 px).

Once you submit your app on the developer console, it goes through a review process wherein the Google team checks to ensure you've complied with all policies. It takes around 2 hours for approval.

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