Data Structure and Algorithms


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Do you know the skill that most developers lack? its Data structures and Algorithms, As of 2022, There is a global talent shortage in the Tech industry. You can fill this void by by learning DSA, I suppose you'd be confused on where to get started, Don't worry , This roadmap will help you jump-start your preparation !


  • Basic Knowledge of Data structures and Algorithms is essential for Software Developers/Engineers.
  • A strong background in algorithms makes you a contender for Top product-based companies.
  • Extensive practice in algorithms helps you refine your programming intuition, something that is present in most engineers.


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If you ever plan on joining an elite development company , a strong background in algorithms is essential, Data structures and algorithms are used everywhere.

Applications of topic

  1. Google uses a very complex search algorithm to display and rank results.
  2. Facebook uses graphs to maintain user data , Nodes represent users and edges represent the nature of the relationship.
  3. Trie data structure is used to auto-complete sentences.

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