Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)


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This is a roadmap to teach you one of the oldest and only languages used to make websites. this language is also one of the most languages because modern browsers are built to run HTML. It is also the gateway to the internet, whatever technology builds on the internet can be only accessed using HTML this is why so people in every industry use HTML in one way or another.


  • It is the easiest programming language.
  • You will find lots of resources to study.
  • The big community that can support.
  • It is used to build every website.


  • Fewer career opportunities.
  • It is also difficult to master.
  • Can not perform logic operations.
  • It behaves differently across browsers.

Most modern websites use HTML but it is not the only thing used in building colourfully and attractive websites, most of the time we use styling markup languages like CSS and SASS with HTML.
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