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In the 90s, when the internet was just getting popular, most websites were static which means these websites had fixed information such as text, images and hyperlinks on each page, this information was manually added to webpages by people.

Today most businesses do not build static websites but we still use static websites for personal purposes where you just want to show information. Technologies used in static websites are still the core of dynamic websites and the internet. That's why should learn to build static websites first.

Pros of static websites

  • Easy to learn its technologies and build.
  • A lot of people can help you if you face problems
  • A static website loads faster as compared to dynamic websites.

Cons of static websites

  • Few internships and job opportunities.
  • Does not provide a lot of functionality like saving user data.
  • If a static website has a large amount of data then it loads slower.

Examples of static websites

  1. Paul Graham
  2. Landing pages
  3. Blogging pages
  4. Online newsletters

*You must learn to build static websites before going into dynamic websites.

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